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IP Communication Server

Information & Communication technology ( ICT) strategies must now be converged across all media types – not just data but also voice and video. Communication technologies such as voice call,  email, messaging, SMS , video conferencing and their underlying networks such as the internet , broadband , wi-fi and 3G are the keys that drive many of the these new strategies. These are supported by a vast range of desktop , mobile and handheld devices. Although technology is an enabler for organisation improvement, the real challenge facing business is to embrace and harness the potential benefits of the technology available. The technology must offer practical and user friendly support and must be available to everybody and not only senior management. And it must empower individuals and teams , enabling them to achieve their business objectives.

IP Communication Solutions, integrating audio, video and data in a single communication infrastructure, provide advanced communication solutions such as networking , voice-over-IP, fax mail server, voice recording, conference call, web collaboration, video call, and voicemail to e-mail integration, presence, instant messaging, remote extension and remote office besides the conventional communication methods for businesses of any scale.

Our Products provide a comprehensive approach to resolving communication overload. They provide a scalable and secure communication solution that is both consistent and manageable. The solutions are built upon proven platforms and industry standard applications to offer powerful, low cost options for business continuity issues and to remove communication bottlenecks by providing constant access to employees. These products enables people to connect with one another while lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with productivity applications.

Our advanced IP Communication server converges advanced IP skills with the reliability of TDM voice processing for medium and large capacity requirements. System supports & manages both data, video and voice traffic in one powerful platform. The solution supports centralized or distributed architecture over multi - locations offering state of the art facilities such as resiliency, redundancy & survivability.