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The three human forms which are part of Intellicon logo represent three i’s which are the value propositions, which intellicon desires to operate through.  These are innovation, inspiration and integrity

    Intellicon does not desire to be a me too company, in the future intellicon aims to differentiate itself from peers in every process and action that it takes. It intends to innovate through unique positioning of its products through value added solutions which emerges as a key differentiator for the company.
    Intellicon will innovate in the way it strategizes and organizes itself in a manner where every associate will look forward to a long term associate who will propagate the brand Intellicon. Intellicon will innovate in the way it listens, talks and supports.
    Intellicon will create and environment which inspire, motivates and nurtures talent. It welcomes original thought and action. Individuals as professionals will be nurtured to create a team that will excel. The focus will continue to be solution centric with a strong emphasis on quality delivery and performance making Intellicon as the first recall company in the future.
    Intellicon appreciates that a strong flavor of integrity goes a long way in strengthening an organizations fundamentals. Transparency in operations, honesty in communication, and sincerity of purpose will be valued immensely by the team members of intellicon.

These three i”s which are shown to wrap the globe also represent intellicon’s strong orientation towards its customers, partners and affiliates. It signifies a company which always reaches out all its associates and is strongly sensitized towards their professional expectations. The curved nature of the I’s represents Intellicon flexibility and adaptability to deliver customized solutions.

Out logo comprises of a blue solid circle, and three I’s which are in the colours green, yellow and blue. The solid blue circle represents the globe and signifies Intellicon’s continued emphasis to associate itself with global enterprises. While the blue continues to represent its technology and knowledge orientation, Intellicon also desires to look ahead and explore opportunities to design value added solutions for global partners and customers in the future.

The three colours in the three i’s are green, yellow and blue. The green endorses intellicon compliance to environmental concerns, the yellow associates itself with the purity of the sun and associates itself with integrity and transparency while the light blue colour is a dilutions of the solid blue core colour of knowledge and symbolizes intellicon ability to customize technology for various and end use applications.