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Intrusion Detection Solution

Intrusion or Burglar alarms are systems designed to detect unauthorized entry into a building or area. It consists of an array of sensors, a control panel, alerting system and interconnections. Sensors detect intruders by many methods such as monitoring door and window contacts, by passive infrared motion detectors, ultrasound, vibration, electric or magnetic fields, or microwaves. Sensors may be directly wired to a control panel that provides sensor power or may communicate wireless.

Intellicon offers Intrusion Detection solutions which are robust and may also be combined with closed circuit television surveillance systems to automatically record the activities of intruders, and may interface to access control systems for electrically locked doors. Systems range from small, self-contained noisemakers, to complicated, multi-zoned systems with color-coded computer monitor outputs. Systems work without interruption for long periods and under extreme conditions. Our solution support fire, police and medical help dual button shortcuts and up to 32 custom hot keys are available.


  • 6 to 32 hard wired programmable zones
  • Auto Arm
  • Built-in communicator for PSTN LINES for CMS and personal calling
  • Full Contact ID communication protocol;
  • Telecom line cut supervision
  • Keypad with temperature sensor
  • Remote Control by using cell phone (Android)
  • Integrated USB interface for programming & management
  • Remote Update and programming by GPRS,PSTN and LAN
  • 1024 event log, including date, time, user name/zone
  • 4 Partitions
  • 3 PGM
  • Hybrid Structure
  • Short-circuit protection, battery charge & discharged battery disconnection circuits
  • Deluxe 32- character backlit, dual-line LCD display Keypad