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Asset Tracking

Assets are the investment and hence are invaluable for an organization. It is extremely important for an organization to manage its assets in an optimum fashion in terms of utility, its whereabouts and life expectancy.

Manual Asset Tracking laborious and time consuming

Usually in an organization, each asset (say a Computer, a Printer or a piece of Furniture) is identified by a unique serial number. Based on this serial number, the asset is identified, tracked and issued as per the requirements. In a manual system, a person is deputed for tracking and then maintaining, updating and reconciling the records of each and every asset. Manual process has following bottlenecks like extremely laborious & time consuming, inaccurate and inefficient and error prone and these can have major financial implications on the organization.

Asset Tracking using Barcode & RFID Technology

Asset tracking solution offered by Intellicon uses Bar Code/RFID technology for identification and tracking of assets. Asset Management software (IntelliASSET) is the core of the solution. The moment an asset is received it is labeled with Asset ID using either the barcode or RFID labels. All the operations like issue, transfer, and repair are managed through IntelliASSET. With the help of mobile computer with integrated scanner, assets are scanned along with Locations and the details are registered in the system. INTELLIASSETS also takes care of depreciation, repairs, warranty and AMC.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures the smoother and faster transaction of assets, giving the whereabouts on real time basis.
  • Curbs malpractice
  • Allows the authorities to allocate resources to different departments or transferred to remote destination i.e. project teams / customers / partners and track.
  • Reduces the scope for human error or manual process error
  • Allows faster Asset Audit.