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Warehouse Management System

Warehouses have been an integral part of the Supply Chain for any industry. The goods entering the warehouse, storing the products at the right place for optimum operations, managing the shelf life, dispatching the products and other micro processes form the overall warehouse operation. Managing the warehouses efficiently and increase the productivity of manpower lead to smooth internal operations as well as overall cost saving and reductions in wastage.

Process Bottleneck

Warehouse management if done manually leads to various problems:

  • Identification and tracking of each SKU is extremely difficult and time consuming. Also the manual process of cycle counting and stock reconciliation is tedious, time consuming and prone to human errors.
  • Following Inventory Management principles like FIFO, JIT etc is extremely difficult and hence it is common to face problems like stock outs leading to business loss or wastage of products due to obsolescence
  • Proper MIS reports will not be available in required timeframe leading to wrong decision making.
  • You may end up using more manpower than actually required.
  • May need much large space than required. Real Estate costs are one of the highest cost for any business.
  • All above issues will have severe financial implications on the organization.

Solution on Offer

Intellicon’s Warehouse Management Solutions using cutting edge AIDC technologies can provide an answer to all the process bottlenecks in an efficient and an effective fashion.

On the whole, the functionality of the solution encompasses the following:

  • Barcoding each SKU for piece (or batch) level identification
  • Logical division of warehouse space and barcoding of each Location where units are stored for error free tracking of the material
  • Scanning the barcodes instead of filling up reports by hand
  • Tracking the material during inward from suppliers or production i.e. receiving and put away and outward i.e. picking and shipping to customers.
  • Managing the stock levels using FIFO or any other management practice followed in the organization
  • Performing “Cycle Counts” using AIDC technology rather than counting it physically and entering it manually
  • Automatic re-order alerts for items nearing stock outs

Key Benefits of the Solution

Rule Engine - to satisfy KANBAN, KAIZEN, JIT etc.

Location Management

  • for fast moving and high value material movement
  • Effective utilization of space
Inventory Management
  • Wave & Kitting - for similar customers & fulfill BOM requirements
  • Cycle Count - Stock taking and verification
  • Palletization
  • Let Down - for UOM flexibility in receiving and picking
  • Replenishment - automatically done by the system
  • Internal Orders - to track all internal movements and MIS
  • Capturing Dispatch Details
  • Order Priority - for increasing operational efficiency and discipline
  • RSN Barcode - verification & traceability down to unit quantity
  • Order Cancellation - partial as well as in-process
  • Cubing - optimum utilization of warehouse space
People Management
  • Clocking time required for operation for each worker and estimating actual need of manpower
  • Efficiently utilizing manpower for the optimum results
  • Query & Analysis - real time information update
  • Management Reports
  • Option to integrate RF which leads to Real time updation and validation
  • Can be integrated with the existing ERP  for seamless performance