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PMS Interface

Property Management System is a heart of any hotel similar to ERP system for any organisation. Tight integration between PMS and communication system is desired to enable guests to start making use of communication systems as soon as they arrive in the room  and  help hotel admin department to capture call charges as well other activities to generate invoice against the service provided.

In short, this transforms a basic hotel communication system to business productivity tool, allowing guests to obtain information whenever they want it and use facilities such as wakeup call and do not disturb as well as make reservation for different services using phone provided in the room.

Intellicon offers different communication systems to suit different sizes and types of hotels and to suit different budgets as well. All these products offer universally accepted interface such as Fidelio or similar enabling customers to integrate communication system with their PMS.

Features & Functions

  • Enables barring, un-barring of calling facility and message waiting light control of each Guest Room Extension on check-in-out
  • Intelligence Console
    • Real time monitoring of call charges
    • Real time posting for PBX such as check in, check out, call charge posting, minibar posting, room status and message wait etc.
    • Real time monitoring of internal calls
    • Set up group DND & wake up calls
    • Alert hotel staff on interface posting error
    • Statistical reports
  • Auto night audit and auto night audit report printing (pre-set time)
  • Voice Confirmation
    • Auto Wake Up
    • Minibar Posting
    • Room Status Update
  • Guest Contact Centre
    • Real time updating of guest information
    • Synchronized screen pop of guest information upon agent answering guest calls
    • Interface to In-house paging system for instant paging of service request detail to runner
  • Allows hotel guests to retrieve their folio, text message, weather forecast, foreign currency, set and cancel wake-up call.
  • Allows hotel staff to broadcast of emergency or promotion messages, rotating graphical advertisement etc.