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Disaster management can be defined as the organization & management of resources and responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarian aspects during emergencies, in particular preparedness, response and recovery in order to lessen the impact of disaster.

Disaster can strike with no warning whether it is a natural disaster like an earthquake, an accident in a hazardous materials facility or destruction & chaos brought on by deliberate acts of terrorism or even war. Emergency response teams, medical professionals, fire departments, armed forces, police and government officials must move quickly to avert further damage, maintain ongoing provision of services and literally risk their lives to save lives.

Video Conferencing delivers significant benefits to organizations concerned with public health, security and safety. In a crisis situation, a first responder’s initial actions and the dissemination of accurate information is vital. A real time, interactive communications tool delivers innumerable value by facilitating improved coordination & information sharing, early warning, threat analysis and on site training to handle crisis.

Intellicon offers visual communication solution that is important during emergency to: 

Assess Incident:

Specialists can assess ad identify potential hazards and evaluate the needs in the field without sacrificing valuable time.

Real-Time Remote Consultations:

Mass Communication:

Government officials, security agencies and military personnel can address the public without leaving the pulse centers where they are needed most.

Training:  With video conferencing, emergency response teams can be right there where they needed to be in case of an emergency and still receive the critical training necessary to handle the crisis situation.

Keeps Decision Makers connected: Every agency should be ready to respond to an emergency. Video conferencing provides the most complete and accurate picture of a scene, and enables two-way interaction for even greater assurance and take decisions faster.

Key Components of Solution

  • Video infrastructure including MCU , Firewall Traversals , Recording & Streaming Server
  • Soft Video Endpoints
  • Room based or Personal Video End Points
  • API to integrator VC infrastructure with other systems and equipments to provide integrated disaster management solution