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Audio Bridge Solution

Meetings are going worldwide, travel is expensive, time consuming and tiring. Teams are working across time zones and managing communication & interaction among team members has become increasingly important.

Intellimeet is an audio-conference (or Conference Bridge) facility to conduct meetings among/between multiple users both Internal and external.  When any meeting is to be scheduled, an email will be sent to all participants whoever are required to join the meeting along with meeting information like meeting type, meeting id, password to join meeting, contact number to join the meeting etc.

IntelliMeet the Meeting solution suite comprises of two applications IntelliMeet Server and IntelliMeet Console application for System administrator. System administrator can schedule, view and control conference through the console application

Meet-Me Conference

Administrator schedules the Conference with the help of Console application and the details of all participants are entered. A unique password is generated for each individual attending the meeting. The Password and calling number information is mailed in advance to the respective attendee along with the scheduled time for meeting. A conference is initiated by server at the scheduled time for meeting. All attendees will dial the number given and then can enter the meeting by entering the password when prompted and join the audio conference.

Scheduled Outbound Conference

Here, the server dials each attendee one by one and put them on hold. The conference is established automatically once all attendees are on board.

Key Features

  • Supports inbound and outbound meeting.
  • Auto e-mail to attendees about details of conference
  • CLID based authentication
  • Multiple/Unlimited attempts to Attendees in case of outbound meeting if the attendee does not join
    in first attempt.
  • Announcement of new joinee during conference
  • Controls active conference by doing MUTE/UnMUTE/Disconnect any attendee as and when required on
    real time basis.
  • Supports recording of Meeting conversation.
  • MIS Reports