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Digital Signage

Delivering a high-impact message to a very fickle audience can be a challenge. And knowing what the right thing to say can be even harder. With samsung Digital Signage, now you can be rest assured that your audience will find the information they need no matter where they are. Its like having a salesclerk right at your audience’s fingertips.

Outdoor (All-in-One)

This all-in-one outdoor display solution has a high-brightness touchscreen and is built for durability. The exterior housing is element-resistant and even contains an air conditioning unit.

Window Display

The built-in System Cooling technology with cross-flow fans allows you to place this unit in warm situations, even in direct sunlight.

Project a professional image

Your display is your first point of contact with your audience, and it surely leaves a good impression on the customer. Our unique integrated touch screen solution allows for convenient set-up and enhances the user experience.

DID technology
DID panel ensure higher reliability for public area display, with DID panel you can easily solve image retention & surface reflection problems that usually occurs at public areas.

LCD panel protection
Touch screens place at public areas should have protection function to avoid any malfunctions caused by frequent touching. All TSN 3 series are fully equipped with protective glass panel.

Built in speakers
The LFD comes with built in speakers that delivers the greater operational efficiency and impact. The high powered speakers will provide your audience with the deep, rich sounds that will complement the amazing HD image on your screen.

Integrated touch screen
Simply plug it in and the it is ready to go. With a response time of 15 to 40 ms, our LFD series is one of the fastest in the market today.

Anti burn in protection
Protecting your display from burn-in is critical to its longevity. Each LFD is provides you with the ability to choose from among four types of anti-burn protection, as well as the time period of each operation.

Enhanced networking capabilities
The built-in network module on the LFD monitor provides you with another layer of convenience. The module allows easy networking for greater efficiency and overall performance.