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The facility to connect teachers and students from remote locations is extending the horizon in education Industry. It is important to ensure that education and training is consistent and available in real-time and on-demand. Getting “trained and ready” with quality instruction anywhere, anytime and minimal time away from the office or their unit is critical. Distance learning opens doors to unlimited curriculum opportunities. The convergence of HD video communication technology with interactive content takes the classroom virtually anywhere.

Distance learning solution using HD Video conferencing open up this world with interactive video communication over existing IP networks, giving them the freedom to interact naturally. Teachers can record and stream lectures live, while students can choose to view live or on demand as often as needed.

Streaming live lectures

Teachers can record and stream live lectures and students can choose to view on demand as often as needed, whenever required. Presentations, electronic whiteboards and fast frame digital content can all be shared and viewed clearly with HD video.

High quality education

Provide students with access to high-quality education without compromise. HD quality ensures that professors and students are fully engaged and have complete access to the curriculum from anywhere, at any time. Teachers can share lectures live via video conference and streaming to web-enabled PCs and can record lectures for students to play back when convenient to them.

Maintain In-person Experience

Typical video training is a one-way delivery mechanism with no room for interaction, questions and follow-up. Video-based distance learning lets students interact naturally with instructors who can share extensive content, tailor the discussion and ensure participants are engaged and getting  more value.

Reduce cost, time and stress due to travel to remote locations
Through distance learning programs, affordable training and professional development programs can be conducted without a need of professionals travelling to remote locations reducing cost, time, and inconvenience and stress levels. These trainings can be recorded and viewed as and when required in future.