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Student Tracking System

In today’s scenario, parents are always worried about their children i.e whether school bus has reached school safely and in time or not, whether the child has entered the classroom or not.

Parents concerns
There is no system available which allows parents to give neutral feedback on where about of their children. Students are not permitted mobile phones in the school, even if parents ask them, they may not tell them truth if they are hanging outside of school or in the canteen. Parents are always concerned about road accidents or terrorism etc.

Solution on Offer

Intellicon offers a turnkey solution to address above concerns.

  • All the students and staff members are provided RFID card.
  • As soon as the student(s) carrying the RFID card pass through RFID Enabled school entrance, his attendance is registered and marked on the web server
  • An SMS is triggered to the parent(s) specifying the entry and exit times of their child. Web reports of the same are also made available for parents and the school authorities.
  • The same RFID card can be used while boarding and disembarking from the school bus to know the boarding and de-boarding time and for the same purpose bus will be equipped with RFID antenna.
  • This bus can have GPS which helps tracking the location of bus when it is on the move.
  • This multipurpose card can be used in school library as an e-wallet to make the purchases at the school cafeteria, uniform stores and so on.


  • Peace of mind for parents as they can track their children on real time basis.
  • Automated attendance recording helping teachers and school administrators.
  • Value added service like e-wallet which can allow parents to prepay and control their children’s expense avoiding a need of giving cash.