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Contact Centre

The past decade has witnessed radical changes and advancements in the communication technologies. Our communication solutions empower enterprises to dynamically manage business processes, interactions & negotiations, workforce and service levels on unified communication platforms. The usage of cutting edge technologies in the design adds tremendous value to the businesses and paves the way for a structured growth.

Today, the business of every organization revolves around customer interactions that involve market research, prospect identification, product selling, support & services and collections and hence organisations are setting up Call Centers to ensure professional response consistently to their valued customers or even outsource the activity to BPOs to handle this effectively.

IntelliContact is All-in-one Contact Center Solution for inbound, outbound and blended operations which gives you the competitive edge with innovative and technologically advanced architecture, comprehensive functionalities & rich feature set catering to any contact center need, ease of use for your distributed or centralized workforce and high return on investment to help your business to WIN. It is a modular, scalable and reliable solution ensuring minimum total cost of ownership maximizing profit margins.


All-in-one Communication Suite offering next-generation capabilities for inbound, outbound and blended campaigns

Intelligent Routing algorithms allow you to connect your customers to the right resource leading to increased First-Contact Resolution rates and Superior Customer Interactions Open-software based architecture allows seamless integration with existing communication systems as well as CRM systems and easy scalability allowing Easy Migration to the next level Real-time dialing configuration allows the users to lower dropped and abandoned calls, maximize agents' efficiency and a control idle time for Optimum Productivity

  • Allows to run multiple campaigns simultaneously ensuring effective utilization of agents’ time and optimizing infrastructure investment.
  • Manages data in the form of structured reports or voice records for quality and policy compliances. Also adheres to government regulations offering services like “DNC registry” ensuring no calls are made to registered customers.
  • Enables supervisors to monitor agents’ activity on real time basis for quality and training purpose.

Interactive Voice Response System

The IVR module can be deployed independently or as a component of IntelliContact. The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system helps you in automating inbound calls that are repetitive in nature. Our IVR solution is ideal for self and assisted customer service for inbound and blended processes like customer support and collections. The solution is equipped with IVR designer tool and pre-integrated with our Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), Reporting, Unified Messaging (SMS, Chat, FAX and E-Mail) and CRM solution.

Automatic Call Distributor

ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) manages inbound calls and routes them to all the available agents who are logged in to a system. ACD ensures uniform call distribution across available agents and balanced load distribution across multiple office locations. Pre-integrated with the IVR, our ACD can manage queues and perform skill-based routing, which ensure that your callers are talking to right people without spending much of their precious time waiting for an available agent.

The diallers successfully meet the requirements of any kind of outbound campaign (telemarketing, sales, collections, customer feedback, follow up  etc ) to be run at optimum levels with low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), ease-of-use, and deployment flexibility. Auto-diallers call customers as per list prepared and deliver pre-defined message such as birthday or anniversary greetings, reminder to make the payment, offering of new services or products etc.