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Integrated Appartment System

Karel’s SIP devices are designed to co-work with IP Video Phone to create an integrated SIP based door entry system. This system can fully utilize the SIP protocol to link to SIP VoIP services which customer might be using and can also be integrated with existing telecom systems.

These devices provide home security for daily life to customers on their community network. IT lets customer to set Security areas in your house and it helps to guard the home safe by sensing abnormal situations (CO, Gas, and Emergency Button). Once alarm is triggered, three calls will automatically be made to predefined destination with alarm speech announcement.

The system allows to view live video (Surveillance) up to 12 cameras, so you can see what’s happening in other rooms and outside your house. Messages that include alarm record, visitor record (pictures of visitors), call record, and community notice can be read through the indoor station.

SIP-based Video Indoor Station supports several high quality audio and video codecs. It acts like a SIP video phone that allows you to make video phone calls to the friends and neighbors.

Key Features:

  • SIP Protocol (RFC3261) Compliant
  • Register to Standard SIP Based IP PBX as an Extension Number.
  • Built-In Color Camera
  • Built-In Speaker and Microphone
  • GPIO Ports for External Usage