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Automatic Goods Receipt Note

Large manufacturing companies like automobile makers or white goods makers have thousands of consignments / trucks coming to the factory for the deliveries of components or raw material. This generates major work load at the entry gate as delivery challan or invoice needs to be checked, matched with PO and entered in the ERP system before the material is allowed inside the premises.

Process Bottleneck

Data entry as mentioned above takes 5-10 minutes per consignments and to handle large volume, large number of staff members needs to be deployed at the gate. As the data is entered manually, there is always a chance of error which may have major financial implications on the organization.

Solution on offer 

Intellicon has studied the process and challenges associated with this and come out with a unique solution to automatize entry of good receipt note at the entry point. As a part of this solution, Intellicon offers software which prints all the details of delivery challan / invoice in the 2D Bar code form and this need to be installed at the vendors’ place. So, 2D bar code is printed on the Challan itself or it can be printed on sticker carrying all the information and this sticker can be pasted on challan by the vendor.
At the entry gates of the manufacturing company, 2D Bar Code scanners are deployed and as against entering the entire challan manually, only bar code needs to be scanned which ensures the data gets entered in the ERP system faster and without any error.


So, the whole process is automated saving time, ensuring 100 % accuracy and helping to cut down the staff to 20-25 % level.