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Voice Wall

Businesses are constantly looking for a smarter and more cost effective ways to capture consumer’s attention and disseminate information. Our entire ranges of LFDs enable you to create an eye catching, 10X10 video walls. These LFDs allow organizing almost every input code into the video wall. They also support magicinfo software for easy programming.  These LFDs are designed specifically to maximize your video wall display. Plus the onscreen display makes the video wall easy to control and operate.

Minimize wasted space and energy

Maximize the viewing experience with the narrow bezel and slimmer depth with less heat. The slim bezel removes any distractions from your sight to provide greater surface area, which can be useful when creating a video wall. LED technology also enables the display to run more efficiently and at the lower temperatures to create a comfortable environment for spaces and every size.

Eco-friendly supporting your green initiatives

Keeping in mind the approach to environmental responsibility, the video walls from Samsung are extremely eco friendly from production and disposal. It utilizes the latest LED backlighting technology so it is made with fewer materials an free of toxic materials such as spray, paint, mercury and lead, making recycling much safer. These video walls consume up to 39% less power than conventional models, therefore saving your money.

Eliminates reflections for superior readability

The ultra clear panel efficiently absorbs external light and effectively eliminates reflection for a clear and bright image for enhanced readability. With reduces light scatter and enhanced contrast ration, images on the display will appear sharper and more vivid so that they look realistic with deeper and more natural looking colors. Now your images and messages will attract more attention and break through the clutter.