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Home Automation

Technology  offerscomfort and peace of mind. Integrated Home Automation solutions enable all technologies in your home to seamlessly communicate together in an intelligent way to further simplify our life. It encompasses much more than just lighting and shade control. Today’s modern home must combine lighting, climate, shades, home entertainment, security and more on a single platform.

Intellicon brings home automation technology, practical and easy to use, with seamless, harmonized integration of audio and video, home theater, lighting, security, climate, communications, Internet and more throughout the house.

Touchpanels and Handheld Remotes

Looking at the unique requirements for every room we provide the broadest range of touch panels. With dozens of models to choose from, we offer distinctive touch panels for every room in the home.


Simple yet powerful home control interfaces to control lights, thermostats, shades, security, entertainment and more. The Designer, Decorator and CameoSeries of keypads are available in a variety of configurations, colors and finishes to complement any lifestyle or décor.

Entertainment Control

Bring all your home entertainment together into a single integrated solution and distribute content throughout the home. Select, control and play any traditional or digital HD source - even Blu-ray, Internet streaming media and satellite radio – in every room.

Integrated Solutions
Whether you’re distributing iPod content on the home network, controlling systems remotely from a Mac, PC or iPhone, or turning plasma into a HD touch panel with cool Flash animations, we have seamless solutions.

Environmental Control
Green Lightconsists of lighting, shade and climate control solutions working in harmony to provide comfort, convenience and savings. Energy and cost savings are optimized when environmental systems are intelligently working together and centrally controlled.

Control Systems
The home manages audio, video, lighting, security, thermostats and shades, integrating them all on a managed network. All connected devices are accessible from every room in the house and remotely from computers, laptops and the iPhone.

The truly integrated home is now a reality. The result is one seamless, worry-free system that delivers an incredible user experience.