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Point of Sale (PoS)

The Retail Point of Sale application is characterized by storing data about a high quantity of different products, capturing their details and using them for billing and other POS applications.

The key requirements of any retail chain are;

Checkout Productivity

  • Automated data entry for faster and error-free operation
  • Reduce number of checkout lanes
  • Reduce or reallocate cashier labor
  • Increase available merchandising area

Investment Protection

  • Flexible product upgrade to extend product life
  • Minimize up front capital investment
  • Common architecture for regional checkout needs

Remote Management

  • Lower the cost in managing  their install base
  • Minimize on-site visits
  • Manage multiple peripherals with single tool

Process Bottleneck
At the Point of Sale of a Retail Store, manual data entry of each and every individual product is time consuming and error prone. This leads to the following:

  • Loss of revenue due to incorrect data entry which leads to wrong billing
  • In case of excess billing, there is a loss of customer goodwill
  • Increased wait times for customers at the counter resulting in lost sale due to loss of customer goodwill

 Other problem areas are loss via missed cart items, maintenance of IT infrastructure etc.

Solution On Offer


  • Majority of items sold in retail store carries EAN bar code which uniquely defines the product. Bar coded sticker needs to be applied on all the items which do not carry EAN code either at the supplier end or at the entry point of retail store.
  • At the time of billing, the barcode tag on the item is scanned using either hand held or table mount/top bar code scanner.
  • This would fetch the item code, which is the key pointer to the relevant database of that particular item which includes the price as well.
  • There are chances that the item is being purchased in multiple quantities. In such a case, either bar code on one item is scanned and total quantity is entered or barcode on all the items is scanned.
  • After the scanning process is over, an acknowledgement is given to the system stating the end of scanning
  • A printer which is attached to the computer or POS unit  generates a bill in the required format


  • Intellicon offers Stratos 2700 hybrid Bioptic scanner which is the ideal scanner choice for retailers seeking the highest customer throughput with linear, 2D and mobile bar codes. The Stratos 2700 addresses the need to reduce checkout loss and protects your investment by providing a technology platform that can easily be expanded to support your future checkout scanning needs.

Key Benefits
Improve Checkout productivity

  • Eliminates manual entry of data at the Point of Sale increasing the speed reducing customer service times and eliminating data entry errors avoiding wrong bills.
  • 20% reduction in checkout time
  • Eliminate 1 lane for every 6
Live video feed in cashier sight can catch a majority of items and reduce loss via missed cart items

Investment Protection

  • Modular “plug-in” design for easy “in-field upgrade path

Remote Management

  • Allows management of bioptic and connected devices
  • Lowers cost of service, support and life cycle management