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Blood Bank Application

Blood donation and transfusion service involves collecting, processing, storing and providing human blood intended for transfusion, performing pre-transfusion testing and finally, infusing into a patient.

The life-critical nature of blood and blood components entails the most rigorous administration so as to secure the entire procedure from blood donors to final recipients.

Blood being life-critical medical products needs to be handled extremely carefully as manual process has a great chance of misidentification and errors.


Barcoded donor ID Card is scanned to retrieve and update the donor’s historical record on his arrival. Prior to withdrawing blood, a donation number is assigned and applied, via bar code labels, to all documentations, the blood containers and sample tubes.

Testing and Processing

When the sample tubes reach the laboratory, their bar code labels can be scanned during automated testing and central database be updated with test results. Processing information also may be recorded when the whole blood is separated into components. ISBT 128 product codes can identify each product prepared from donated unit.

Final Labeling and Storage
The processed blood is labeled prior to storage. The donation number on each container is scanned & checked and the information for all applicable ISBT 128 bar code fields is communicated to the staff labeling the product. The label can be scanned one time to verify correct labeling and the labeled blood product is stored in refrigerator.

Distribution and Transfusion
A patient is given a medical check when the blood is required and then sample is taken. A PDA/ Mobile Computer is used to scan wristband of patient for correct identification and to produce accurately labeled samples. The order is placed to blood bank when the blood product is required. The samples are processed, blood is issued to patient and then sample is stored in the fridge after scanning. As units are removed from the fridge, their bar codes are scanned to verify correct selection and update the inventory database. Any movement in and out of storage area is scanned & captured and hence the location of blood unit is known all the time.

Bar Code Technology enables to acquire data via scanning and recognizing automatically improving working efficiency and also avoiding the errors due to manual entry. This adds great value to blood products.