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Video Conferencing

Business Dynamics today is controlled by a fast paced technology driven environment. With cost rationalization being at the epicenter of business decisions, timeand resources are at a premium. Fortunately Visual Communication comes in as an excellent virtual tool to enhance one's presence in multiple locations for keydecisions without the baggage of travel or relocation. But that is just beginning. Virtual Imagery needs to look more and more real. That is where High Definition(HD) moves in. The Quality of Resolution, the Bandwidth, the Refresh Rate and the HD Technology itself strive to create real life like images even on large screendisplays facilitating many critical activities such as interviews and demonstrations without any virtual compromise enabling experience as authentic as if you’re physically sitting in the same room.

Now organization can truly realize the promise of video communications.

  • Higher productivity, better engagement
  • Increased interaction
  • Reduced travel - saving time, saving money
  • Less time out of office, more time making decisions
  • Reduced carbon emissions

The power of Video Conference solutions are going through dramatic changes. Newer and important trend  is occurring i. e unified collaboration solutions from the major application and telephony vendors promise to bring conferencing to the desktop and mobile users; This is driving the need for new levels of scalability and device support. As a result, enterprises are asking for a solution that will support and protect their current investment in video conferencing solutions while giving them the flexibility to adopt these emerging conferencing solutions.  These are interesting and path-breaking changes as  they will enable every knowledge worker to communicate with remote colleagues using video not restricting  just in the boardrooms of the richest companies in the world.

Key Components are

High Definition Video Conferencing

  • Desktop High Definition  Video Conferencing
  • Room Based High Definition Video Conferencing
  • Mobile Video Conferencing
  • Video for Unified Communication

Cloud Based Video Conferencing

High Definition Video Infrastructure

  • Multi-Conferencing Units (MCU / Bridge)
  • Recording and Streaming Servers
  • Firewall Traversal Systems
  • Gateways
  • Management Suits