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Meter Reading Application

Utility Companies such as electricity distribution companies or LPG/LNG distribution companies need to collect the data of usage every month from their customers. Based on this data, bills for the usage are prepared at the central location and sent to customers for the payment.

Process Bottleneck

Manual system to collect the data and then generate the bill centrally has been prevailing for many years but this system is prone to misappropriation by customers as well as staff members who visits for meter data reading. The process is also time consuming that data collected from the customer premises is brought to central location for manual data entry. After that bills are generated and sent to customers for the payments. Customers then pay the bills within 15-30 days. In the case of dispute, resolution takes lot of time resulting either in customer dissatisfaction or loss of revenue for utility companies.

Intellicon offers a comprehensive solution for on-line Meter Reading, Billing and Collection.
Solution is offered using GPRS based Mobile Computer with an integrated printer. Staff member will visit customer, scan or enter customer ID to get past data from central server through GPRS.

New meter reading is entered in the mobile computer and bill in generated on the premise itself.  Staff members then submit the bill to customers personally, collect the payment (If customer want to pay at that time) by credit card/Cheque/Cash and issue the receipt.

These details are entered in the central server automatically as the mobile computer is connected through GPRS.

Collect Revenue faster with less man power

 Atomization of meter reading process removes chances of misappropriation and helps to collect revenue much faster. As the manual processes such as data entry, printing bill centrally, dispatching by post and having multiple collection centers can  entirely  be avoided, it can results in saving of man-hours needing much less staff members.