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In the world of human resources, collaboration is key. From recruiting new talent to the challenges of training, retention and internal communication, nothing works better than face-to-face interaction. With video conferencing solutions, “in person” communication just got drastically simpler and more cost-effective.

Effective & Efficient Training

From educating new employees on policies and procedures to giving your organization access to distance learning, facilitating effective training consumes a lot of time and resources. Intellicon video conferencing solutions enable you to provide more training opportunities to more people with less strain on your resources. Distance learning sessions can be broadcast to employees in disparate locations, eliminating the need for travel, and internal training can be streamed and recorded for future playback.

Improve Internal Communication

Company-wide meetings, leadership announcements and recognition events can be extremely powerful for retention and growth—but they can also be a logistical and financial nightmare. Varied locations, differing time zones and busy executive schedules can make it difficult to get everyone together at once. Intellicon helps you take on these communications in a whole new way by offering video conferencing solutions that allow people to participate in the meeting via HD video from wherever they may be and to access meeting recordings on demand, whenever is most convenient for them.

Talent Acquisition

The perfect recruit for your organization is not always close by. You often need to search far and wide for the right person, but traveling for recruitment and interviewing purposes can be both time-consuming and expensive. With HD video conferencing solutions, the recruitment process can be facilitated virtually. Potential candidates can meet with one or several interviewers at once, and the interviews can be recorded and streamed for future playback—leading to more efficient hiring and a significantly smaller recruiting bottom line